Garment workers protesting against the arrest of the Trade Union Leader in Chittagong

Fazlul Haque
বৃহস্পতিবার, এপ্রিল ৭, ২০১৬
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Chittagong Correspondent : The workers of Gous Fashion Industries limited located OLONGKAR area in Chittagong are on strike due to their leader Mr. Sajib arrested by the police yesterday evening. Overnight workers came to know that the Secretary of their trade union in Gous Fashion Industries limited arrested by the police. As a demonstration of the protest they did not enter into the factory but has taken their position in front of the gate. Police charged them when they have blocked the public road at the olonkar circle. Some of the workers injured and get admission to nearest Alamin Hospital said by the Vice-President of the Trade union Mr. Uzzal.

In response of a question of RMG Times representative, Mr. Uzzal said that they went to the police station and demands to free Sajib and under a certain circumstance Police freed Sajib but arrested worker Named Asif from the Rally.

As per the information from different sources that General Secretary of Trade Union at Gous Fashion Industry Limited has been arrested from the factory front gate during the workers were leaving the factory after the end of their work. Mr. Uzzal , the vice president of the trade union claimed that Police arrested Sajib due to the wrong allegation of management to police about Sajib but the management denied this claim.

Admin manager of Gous Fashion informed to RMG times that they do not know the reason of Sajib arrested but found all the workers on the street instead of working when he came to the factory in the morning today.

RMG Times tried to talk with the Officer In Charge of Pahartoli Police station about the reason of arresting Sajib but In Charge of the Police station denied to say anything about the case. He also added that there is a meeting going on to solve this issue.