Kalpona Akter, voice of Bangladesh, to deliver in Amsterdam

RMG Times
বুধবার, এপ্রিল ১৮, ২০১৮
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Washim Mia, Staff Correspondent: This week Kalpona Akter, rightly the voice of Bangladesh, has been traveling throughout Europe to tell audiences about labor rights, freedom of association and safety in Bangladesh. After visiting Spain and France, she will speak in Amsterdam tomorrow evening, 19th of April 2018, in a session organized by Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) with the moderation of Ama van Dantzig.

It has been 5 years since the Rana Plaza building collapsed. Kalpona will reflect on this tragedy and on the years after. How safe environment to garment workers have been ensured in terms of their workplace is going to be the spotlight of her session. She will also emphasize on the achievements in this respect so far and what the challenges are and how to cope up with them.  She also will further explain why supply chain transparency is important and how she with her organization is fighting for the rights of garment workers.

She will also answer the questions to be asked from the audience or delegates as well.


Kalpona Akter, a formerly child labor in Bangladeshi garments factory, has become the mouthpiece of those working people in Bangladesh. She has been working for decades to upgrade the standard of their life through her hard working and devotion. She fights against exploitation of garment workers in Bangladesh and fights for their rights including safety in garment factories, minimum wages and their right to form trade unions. She is the founder and executive director of the Bangladesh Centre for Workers Solidarity (BCWS).

Kalpona was awarded with the Human Rights Watch’s ‘Alison Des Forges Award’ for Extraordinary Activism in the year 2016.