27 Factories Terminated by Accord due to workplace safety measures

Fazlul Haque
সোমবার, এপ্রিল ৪, ২০১৬
  • শেয়ার করুন

Fazlul Haque, Staff Correspondent : There are a number of factories has been terminated by the Accord due to poor workplace safety. Different type of reasons stated by the Accord such as refusal to temporarily evacuate the factory; lack of progress in finalizing corrective action plans or executing required safety renovations, refusal to resolve worker complaints on safety issues; lack of cooperation with Accord trainers, case handlers and engineers.


Number of Factories such as Assersion Design, Bonded Fashion Ltd, Camlet Fashions Ltd, Denier Fashion, Foptex (Pvt.) Ltd, Glare Fashion Ltd, Green Life Knittex Ltd, Mark Mode Ltd, Silver Style & designe Ltd, Sung Kwang Sweaters Ltd, Alim Knitwears Ltd, N.A Garments, Sidko Limited, Suman Fashion Garments Ltd, Prominent Apparels, Alpha Knit Apparels Ltd, Calvin Fashion Limited, Copper Co. Ltd, Jaycee’s Apparels Ltd, R.M. Carton Ltd, R.M. Embroidery Ltd, Sincere Knit Garments Unit 1, Sincere Knitwears Ltd, Sincere Composite Ltd, adaf Fashions Ltd, M/S Mega Chois Knitwear Ltd, Florence Fashions Ltd have gone through a process of notice and warning by the Accord and the signatory companies, but continue to inadequately participate in the Accord program. Accord signatory companies are required to terminate business with this supplier’s factories. Complete report of the assessment on safety ground which states all the safety hazards issued to them by the auditors and inspectors assigned by accord.

As per the article of Accord (article 21), “each signatory company shall require that its suppliers in Bangladesh participate fully in the inspection, remediation, health and safety and, where applicable, training activities. If a supplier fails to do so, the signatory will promptly implement a notice and warning process leading to termination of the business relationship if these efforts do not succeed.” Accord signatory customer will not continue their business relationship with these factories as per the agreement of accord.

(Information: Accord Official website)