Walton fridge sales up by 30pc during Jan-July’17

RMG Times
বুধবার, আগস্ট ১৬, ২০১৭
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Staff Reporter : The country’s electronic giant ‘Walton’ registered 30.29 percent sales growth in the first seven months of the current year compared to the fridge sales in the previous year’s same period.

According to Walton, the production of fridges in Walton Hi-Tech Industries was also increased by about 30 pc in the period of January to July of 17 against the production of the corresponding period of 2016.

The local brand set a target of selling out 1.7 million units of fridges in 2017, which is about 24.52 percent higher than the fridge sales in 2016. Thus, Walton witnessed higher growth in fridge sales against the target growth.

Walton authorities said, Walton has been retaining more than 70 percent share of the domestic market of refrigerators for the last couple of years. This year, the demands for Walton fridges are also going up day by day for bringing world’s latest technology based products like huge power saving non-frost fridges with inverter technology’s compressors and frost fridges with tempered glass door.

Walton authorities have cited several reasons behind the success in fridge market among which include the use of the world’s latest technologies in manufacturing refrigerators with the use of inverter technology’s compressors, use of environment friendly R600a gas as refrigerant, along with attractive design of fridges, affordable prices and best after-sales services.

Walton has released various non-frost as well as several models of tempered glass door refrigerators equipped with huge power-efficient inverter technology in the local market this year which received enormous response from customers. Overall, the refrigerator sales of the local brand increased significantly for which it registered 30.29 percent growth in refrigerators sales at the same time of the year compared to the first seven months of last year (January to July).

Sources at Walton said, the country’s electronics giant has targeted to sell 17 lakh units of refrigerators this year which is 24.50 percent higher than the previous year. However, the local brand has achieved more sales than the target in the first seven months of the year along with nearly 30 percent increase of production in its own factory at Chandra in Gazipur. Earlier in 2015 and 2016, Walton sold out 9.60 and 13.65 lakh units of fridges respectively.

Expressing her hope of exceeding the target of sales, Eva Rezwana, Chief Coordinator of Walton Marketing, said the sales growth of refrigerators is higher than the target and the growth will increase in the current month as Eid-ul-Azha approaches and the Eid season is considered as the peak time for fridge sales.

Amdadul Hoque Sarker, Head of Walton Marketing, said Walton maintains the top position in the demand and trust of customers which led the brand to achieve the record of more than one lakh refrigerator sales in the first day of the current month. He hoped that, this year, Walton will also retain the absolute dominance in the local market.

Ashraful Ambia, Executive Director (Sourcing Engineering Dept.) of Walton, said, world’s latest technology is being added to Walton fridges while they are being manufactured with the assurance of preserving healthy food at 43-degree Celsius temperature for Bangladesh. Walton is the only brand in Bangladesh that achieved ‘Five Star’ energy rating certificate from Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute (BSTI) for manufacturing high standard power-efficient refrigerators following the ‘Bangladesh Standards 1850:2012’ set by BSTI.

He also said that more than 50 percent energy will be saved for the addition of Intelligent Inverter Technology based compressors in Walton fridges. Besides, worldwide recognised CFC and HFC free R600a refrigerant gas are being used in the compressors of Walton fridges, which protect environment along with saving energy.

Walton authorities said, their refrigerators and freezers are released in the market after checking quality at ISO-certified NUSDAT-UTS Lab, which has been recognized by the Bangladesh Accreditation Board. Walton is currently manufacturing and marketing more than one hundred models of frost, non-frost and deep freezers among which are16 models of intelligent inverter refrigerators and 6 models of tempered glass door frost fridges of different capacities. Various models of Walton brand’s frost fridges are available from 11,600 to 35,300 BDT while tempered glass door refrigerators cost 28,500 to 36,500 BDT and the huge energy saving inverter fridges from 50,990 to 61,900 BDT.

Mentionable, Walton is the only brand in Bangladesh which has ISO certified Service Management System to deliver fast and quality after sales services at 67 service centers across the country along with more than 300 service points where 2,500 engineers and technicians are working. Walton is also providing customers home service for fridges which customers can avail all over the year by just dialing 16267. One-year replacement guarantee for Walton refrigerators as well as maximum 10 years of replacement guarantee for compressors are available.