Want to go to school but who will give me food?

Fazlul Haque
রবিবার, মার্চ ২০, ২০১৬
  • শেয়ার করুন

Child Labor in a recycling shop. Location : Zirani Bazar, Savar, Dhaka

We are happy when we know the scrap is going to be recycled because of environment and economic aspect. But we never think about the labor who are working with the recycling process and what about their health and safety? What about their age and why they are doing this hard job rather going to school in this 10-12 years of age? Why we are worried for child labor only in the export oriented industry not anywhere else. The recycling job is more hazardous than the RMG sector. We are only worried about what buyers are asking but we need to truly responsible for the society and next generation.

One of the boy said, “I tried to work to a Garment but they do not allow. I do not know why they did not give me job but the helper job of a garment is lighter than what I am doing. “Sir, Garments e ekta kam paile Aram oito”

Photo and caption by : Mr. Abdul Alim, President and C.E.O, Sustainable Management System Inc.