Poor Coordination among Accord and Alliance

RMG Times
শনিবার, ডিসেম্বর ২৪, ২০১৬
  • শেয়ার করুন

Staff Correspondent : Haesong Sweater Ltd is a suspended factory as per the Alliance but they did not go through any inspection at any of the Haesong factories. Based on the termination of Accord on 9th November 2016, Alliance also put Haesong Corporation on their suspended list of factories on 15th December just 5 days before Haesong got lifted from the termination. But surprisingly, Alliance is not removing Haesong from the suspended list even after the accord termination decision has been withdrawn for Haesong RMG factories.

While RMG Times tried to check this information with Haesong Management, it seems that they are not even aware of the suspension decision of Haesong Sweaters by Alliance. We tried to contact with Alliance but the media cell of Alliance wanted to talk with us on Monday.

Alliance website is mentioning that Haesong Corporation has been suspended due to unethical behavior but there is no explanation of evidential informs provided on public domain for the external stakeholders. Alliance website has been directed to Accord website while we try to get Haesong Sweater Limited inspection report.

In the same way the factories of Smart Group had been suspended by Alliance but currently the names of the factories are not in the suspended list on the alliance website. The names of the Smart Group factories are brightly visible in the list of suspended factories which is very confusing for all the stakeholders who are concerned about the factories and the RMG sector.

Both Accord and Alliance are providing very limited information for the stakeholders. They are not even disclosing which brand is working in which factory? Both Accord and Alliance are joking with Bengali language. They are not providing any information in local language but kept the option on website to view both in English and Bengali which is a lack of effective communication with Bangladeshi external stakeholders and overall hearten the feeling of nationalism of the nation whose citizens sacrificed their life for the language.