EU impressed with Bangladeshi RMG factory’s progress

Desk Report: The European Union (EU), where about 62 percent of Bangladesh’s apparel shipments go to, is impressed with the progress made in enhancing workplace safety in garment factories in বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

Staff Correspondent: Today is 5th of June, World Environment Day 2018. It has been celebrating every year since 1974 as tribute to our environment which only supplies but never demands বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

RMG Times & G. Güldenpfennig make the unprivileged children smile

Washim Mia, Staff Reporter: Whether rich or poor kids are innocent and they don’t understand any logic. But, it is matter of fact that being a promising nation some of বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

HC permits Accord for six more months

Desk Report: The High Court definitively extended the tenure of Accord for six more months effective from 31 May, capping months of uncertainty surrounding the matter. The verdict was given বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

GBV assessment tool validation workshop held in Dhaka

Washim Mia, Staff Reporter: Despite the fact that the women in the driver’s seat to promote us as the second largest RMG exporting country in the world after China, efforts বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

GOTS India Seminar 2018 held in Coimbatore

Fazlul Haque, Staff Correspondent: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organized this years’ ‘GOTS India Seminar 2018’ at Hotel Le Méridien Coimbatore, India On 29th May 2018 with the theme in বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

BAHCWS’ Day long training on Higg Index held in Dhaka

Washim Mia, Staff Reporter: Bangladesh Admin, HR, Compliance and Welfare Society (BAHCWS), an organization of some adventurous compliance professionals, organized a day- long training on ‘Higg Index 3.0 (FEM) and Implementation বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

A Cambodian Factory workers to march to ministry in a salary dispute

Desk Report: The Aggrieved workers of a Cambodian Factory named First Gawon Apparel plan to march to the offices of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) again on বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

 ‘Common Objective’ to improve textile practices around the world

Desk Report: A new digital platform aims to make sustainable business decisions easier for the fashion industry. By matching actors along the supply chain and providing data-driven, solutions-focused information, Common বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

Uncertainty grabs at Accord’s Extension

Desk Report: The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh’  bid to prolong its stay in Bangladesh became uncertain as High Court extended its restraining order on the government বিস্তারিত পড়ুন


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