RMG Times and G. Guldenpfennig jointly to make orphans Eid more festive

Washim Mia, Staff Correspondent:  A few days to go for Eid, one of two largest religious festivals for Muslim Ummah. Everyone is busy with their shopping, planning, friends and family even in the rural areas. But only those are different who have nobody to take care, no one to buy a new dress- the orphans. Yes, they are always deprived of everything, everywhere. But this time it is not going to happen. 

This time they will smile, surely they will because RMG Times, the most authentic Apparel news source in Bangladesh and G. Guldenpfennig, a reputed Germany based buying house, jointly have come forward to make these orphan children sparkling during this Eid. The two organisations distributed new clothes to some 30 unprivileged orphans reading in a madrasa named ‘Jamia Nabiyal Alamin (SM) Darul Ulum Madrasa and Orphanage’ in Ranavola, Uttara today, June 12, 2018.

Under the program of ‘RMG Times Eider Hasi‘ and with the financial support from G. Guldenpfennig, they handed over these new clothes to the orphans.

Mr. Abdul Alim, Editor of RMG Times and Mr. Nazmul Hasan, Manager- Compliance from G. Guldenpfennig together distributed the new Punjabis and Payjamas to those kids. After getting their new clothes, they are seen to be overwhelmed with joy and shouting as they have got the moon in their hands!

“It brings me immense pleasure every time when I use to be among these lovely kids as if there is an impenetrable relation with them. They are innocent and they very little to demand even when someone softly  touches their heads, they look pleased. I am very happy today for being able to share happiness with them. I want to request all the well to do members of our society to make the least contribution for these cute children from their sake of social accountability.  “, Mr. Alim was saying in his speech.

He thanked G. Guldenpfennig GmbH for extending their helping hand, like every time, in his speech.

Mr. Nazmul Hasan all smilingly expressed, “G. Guldenpfennig GmbH always try to do something for the betterment of the society, this is another milestone we have had now. I have been totally emotional today by seeing the smiling and tender faces of these orphan children. They are not orphan anymore. We are here with them and will also be in future as well”.

‘RMG Times Eider Hasi 2018′ came to end with a lot of sounds of smiles coming from the 30 gratified faces of that orphanage.


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