‘Industry 4.0 will enhance machine & process interactions’

Fibre2Fashion: The interaction between machines and processes will be enhanced based on the Industry 4.0 standards, which will be a total revolution in measuring systems for textiles and finishing sectors. It is expected to help link the different results together through a network in order to always make the right decision towards a production that has zero defects.

“Industry 4.0 for us is an essential tool which comes in our software options on the basis of an OPC- UA interface. Our machines last for decades. We are absolutely sure that Industry 4.0 will be mandatory in every machine within the next five years,” said Stephan Kehry, sales manager India, Mahlo GmbH in an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion.

Image: Mahlo

Germany based Mahlo is a leading manufacturer of measuring, control and automation systems for the textile and finishing industry as well as the coating, film and paper sector. The company has developed a pick counter for the textile industry to control the density of the fabric by the stenter or sanforizer overfeed, and provide an indication of the weight at the exit of the process. Unlike other systems, it uses different sensor technologies for different tasks.

The company also offers solutions for technical textiles. “In technical textiles, it is of utmost importance to meet quality requirements in thickness and weight. Here, we offer a wide range of non-contact sensors based on ß- and X-rays as well as all kind of light (infrared, LED, laser) in order to provide very precise information and closed loop control systems to our customers. Documentation as well as quality is very important. Consequently, we also provide our systems with all the necessary interfaces to forward the required data wherever it is needed,” added Kehry.

Asia is the biggest market for Mahlo and it holds more than 60 per cent of the accessible market.

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