World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

Staff Correspondent: Today is 5th of June, World Environment Day 2018. It has been celebrating every year since 1974 as tribute to our environment which only supplies but never demands anything in return. Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for the World Environment Day 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution” which has created a lot of buzz already around the world. India is the global host of this years’ World Environment Day.

Plastic, which is rampantly polluting our water bodies, harming marine life and posing a threat to human health, has been one of the major concerns of environmental bodies this year. Though a large part of the population depends on plastic for their daily use, nearly one-third of it is not disposed off properly and ends up clogging drains and choking the environment. Plastic can persist in the environment for nearly a thousand years before it fully disintegrates and keeping this in mind, many organizations and governments are always on the lookout for alternatives to tackle this menace.

From the perspective of Bangladesh, almost 73 tons of plastic-waste is outstripping to the sea everyday which is very alarming. The country maintains the 5th place in the world in terms of it. These source from China, Nepal, India and Bangladesh.  

Through this day, UN is making an effort to urge governments, industries, communities and people to unite in the fight against plastic and explore alternatives that are sustainable.

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