RMG Times & G. Güldenpfennig make the unprivileged children smile

Washim Mia, Staff Reporter: Whether rich or poor kids are innocent and they don’t understand any logic. But, it is matter of fact that being a promising nation some of the citizens don’t get proper treatment by their own. They need to rely on other, always they seek for a positive response from them who are well to do in terms of food, shelter and clothing even at the time Eids. Every year RMG Times, the most popular apparel news source of Bangladesh, does something from the sake of social accountability for them. This year it did the same. To distribute new clothes and food commodities to the help demanding and unprivileged children and their family, It went to Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhaka, on Friday 01 June 2018.

These children are being educated by Swapno Pathshala, an institution run by some young, energetic and dedicated members.

From the financial support from G. Güldenpfennig GmbH, a German based reputed buying house and T-shirt support from Modele Group, as they both contribute every year, RMG Times distributed new cloths and food items to that needy families and children.

More than fifty children got the new and colorful dresses to wear in coming Eid, the biggest religious festival of Muslim community. The children and their parents as well were very much satisfied getting new clothes and food commodities.

Mr. Abdul Alim, Editor-The RMG Times, overwhelmingly said, “Today, I have spent the best day in Ramadan so far with some of these unprivileged children of our society for whom it was quite uncertain to have a new dress during this Eid. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see these kids smiling all the while. Sometimes a simple thing, like these cloths and food for the needy people, gives more in return than we expect. We are grateful to the sponsor G. Güldenpfennig GmbH for providing the funding support for this program and Modele Group for making us even more colorful with their nice T-shirts.”

“These kids do not need enough to move on. Their demand is too little. If we stand beside them, as much as we can, they will surely lead a life where there is no barrier like poverty, discrimination and darkness. We all should come forward in this respect to win the poverty, to show the humanity” added Mr. Alim.

The Senior Compliance Executive of G. Güldenpfennig GmbH Mr. Nasim Ahmed said, “I have been hypnotized with the smiles all around of me here in Suhrawardy Udyan today. It’s really amazing to see the level children are satisfied. I want to thank RMG Times to arrange such programs. G. Güldenpfennig GmbH will stand beside these uncared street children every year along with RMG Times in future”.

Arup Saha, GM-Modele Group stated, “Firstly I want to thank RMG times who are valiantly doing something exceptional extending their helpful hands for those street children for last four years. We have been with them in the past and will be in the future as well. If we all do the same from our social accountability, one-day there will no longer any of these unprivileged children in the streets and parks”.    

On behalf of Swapno Pathshala, Ummul Khair Jui thanked RMG Times, G. Güldenpfennig GmbH and Modele Group for their continuous support in order to bring smiles on these tender faces.

At the program, Mr. Khawaja Saifullah, one of the living legends of Compliance in Bangladesh, Mr. M. Mahbubul Islam, Manager-HR & Compliance, Uniform Textiles Limited, members of Swapno pathshala and RMG Times, among others, were present.   


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