Sportswear giant PUMA signs Bangladesh Accord 2018, total signatories: 161

RMG Times
শনিবার, মে ৫, ২০১৮
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RMG Times Desk Report: PUMA, the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, has signed the renewed Accord on Fire and Building safety in Bangladesh. With its’ signing the total number of Accord signatories has touched the mark 161. The brand will be ensuring ‘worker safety first’ at the factories making products for them here in Bangladesh with this commitment coming into effect from 1st May, 2018.

According to the IndustriAll news published in social media, PUMA is committed for the workers’ well-being of Bangladesh who are continuously making their products and bringing the fame that the brand already has.

The original Accord, founded on May 13, 2013, now nears the end of its five-year program. That, however, does not mean that its work is complete or will come to an end. The new one will work for three years more, until 2021. A coalition of organizations is encouraging the signatory companies, as well as companies that never signed, to commit to this 2018 Accord.

The current Accord has already improved safety for 2 million garment workers across 1,600 factories. But it can’t stop there – ongoing work is still needed to protect workers’ lives.These all 161 brands and retailers are to stick-up with Accord to avoid another Rana Plaza collapse.

The global trade unions are continuously pressing the rest of the brands and retailers to sign it. They are urging with the say- ‘It worked before, it can work again’.