Interpersonal Relationship: The Soul of the Workplace

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Md. Uzzwal Hayder: An organization is an extremely complex & diversified place where people are gathered having numerous dissimilar circumstantial in context of family, friends, relatives, educational institution, religion, belief, attitude, norms, values and socialization. An interpersonal relationship plays a pivotal role to establish & strengthen a sustainable relationship among individuals, teams & organization in wider aspects.

An interpersonal relationship refers to a strong bonding between two or more people. Attraction between individuals brings close to each other and eventually results in a strong interpersonal relationship.

Formation of Interpersonal Relationship

An interpersonal relationship can develop between any of the following:

  • Individuals working together in the same organization.
  • People working in the same team.
  • Relationship between a man and a woman (Love, Marriage).
  • Relationship with immediate family members and relatives.
  • Relationship of a child with his parents.
  • Relationship between friends.

The Importance Of Interpersonal Relationship At Workplace.

  1. We spend around eight to nine hours in organization and it is practically not possible for us to work all alone:

 Human beings are not machines who can work at a stretch. We need people to talk to and share our feelings. Imagination of working in an organization with no friends around is just impossible. We are social animals and we need friends around. An individual working in isolation is more prone to stress and anxiety. They hardly enjoy their work and attend office just for the sake of it. Individuals working alone find their job monotonous. It is essential to have trustworthy fellow workers around with whom one can share all his secrets without the fear of them getting leaked. We must have friends at the workplace who can give us honest feedback.

  1. A Single Brain Alone Can’t Take All Decisions Alone.

We need people to discuss various issues, evaluate pros and cons and reach to solutions benefiting not only the employees but also the organization on the whole. Employees can brainstorm together and reach to better ideas and strategies. Strategies must be discussed on an open platform where every individual has the liberty to express his/her views. Employees must be called for meetings at least once in a week to promote open communication. Interaction on a regular basis is important for a sound relationship.

  1. Interpersonal Relationship Has A Direct Effect On The Organization Culture.

Misunderstandings and confusions lead to negativity at the workplace. Conflicts lead us nowhere and in turn spoil the work environment.

  1. We Need People Around Who Can Appreciate Our Hard Work And Motivate Us From Time To Time.

It is essential to have some trustworthy coworkers at the workplace who not only appreciate us when we do some good work but also catch our mistakes. One needs to have people at the workplace who are more like mentors than colleagues.

  1. It Always Pays To Have Individuals Around Who Really Care For Us:

We need colleagues to fall back on at the times of crisis. If we do not talk to anyone at the workplace, no one would come to help us when we actually need them.

  1. An Individual Needs To Get Along With Fellow Workers To Complete Assignments Within The Stipulated Time Frame.

An Individual working all alone is overburdened and never finishes tasks within deadlines. Support of fellow workers is important. We just can’t do everything on our own. Roles and responsibilities must be delegated as per specialization, educational qualification and interests of employees. An individual needs help of his fellow workers to complete assignments on time and for better results.

How Can We Establish Interpersonal Relations At Workplace?

Employees must get along well for a positive and healthy atmosphere at the workplace. Let us go through some tips to improve interpersonal relationship at workplace.

  1. We Should Not Treat Office As Our Home:

There is a certain way of behaving at the workplace. It is essential to be professional at work. We should never misbehave with any of our colleagues. Leg-pulling, criticism, backbiting are a strictly considered as violent behavior. It is better to avoid someone you don’t like rather than fighting or arguing with him/her. Our office colleagues can be our friends as well but we must know where to draw the line. Too much of friendship is harmful and spoils relationship among employees.

  1. We Should Not Interfere In Our Colleague’s Work:

Superiors must formulate specific KRAs for all the employees and make sure job responsibilities do not overlap. Overlapping of job responsibility leads to employees interfering in each other’s tasks and eventually fighting over small and meaningless issues. We should be concerned only with our work rather than trying to find out what the other employee is up to.

  1. Giving Space To Our Fellow Workers:

Giving space in fact is essential in all relationships. Overhearing anyone else’s personal conversation is strictly unprofessional. An employee must not open envelopes, couriers or letters not meant for him. Such practices lead to severe displeasure among employees and eventually spoil relationships.

  1. We Should Not Spread Baseless Rumors At Workplace:

Even if we know something about someone, we should learn to keep things to ourselves. We should discuss it with the individual concerned in private rather than publicizing the whole thing. Organization has nothing to do with anyone’s private matters.

  1. We Should Pass The Correct Information To Others:

If our superior asks us to share some information with any of our colleagues, we have to make sure it is shared in its desired form. Data tampering and playing with information spoil relationships among colleagues and lead to confusions at the workplace.

  1. We Should Not Share All Of Our Secrets With Our Coworkers:

We never know when they might misuse them. Even if you do, make sure you are doing it with someone you trust blindly.

  1. We Must Leave Your Ego Behind:

We must not bring your personal tensions to work. We have to think before we speak. Making fun of colleagues is something which is not at all expected out of a professional.

  1. As A Team Leader We Should Not Scold Any Of Our Team Members In Front Of Others:

It might insult him/her. Rather, we can call the individual concerned either in our own office room or conference room. We should avoid comparisons among team members. The employees must be strictly judged according to their work and nothing else. Employees doing well should be suitably rewarded.

  1. We Should Stay Away From Nasty Politics At Workplace:

We should not try to harm anyone. It is absolutely okay to appreciate someone who has done something exceptionally well. We must avoid being jealous. It will harm us in the long run. There should always be healthy competition among the employees for a healthy environment at the workplace.

How To Manage Conflicts In Interpersonal Relationship At Workplace:

Conflicts play an important role in spoiling relationship among employees at the workplace and must be controlled at the initial stages to expect the best out of individuals.

  • Organization should always come first and all other personal interests must take a backseat.
  • Fighting with fellow workers on petty issues is childish. Need to be professional.
  • An individual ought to respect his colleagues. We have to treat our fellow workers as members of our extended family.
  • Ignoring minor issues helps in avoiding conflicts in interpersonal relationship.
  • We should try to understand our colleague’s point of view as well.
  • Lobbying at the workplace must be avoided.
  • Need to keep personal and professional life separate.
  • We must not favor anyone just because we like the individual concerned or we know him personally.
  • Every employee irrespective of his family background and relation with the management needs to be treated as one At work,
  • Ignoring or bad mouthing someone just because we do not like him is simply not acceptable.
  • Jealousy, backbiting, criticism, leg pulling give rise to disagreements among individuals and spoil relationships. We must avoid those things.
  • We should not hurt anyone under any circumstance.
  • We must not overreact at workplace.  Rather, we ought to stay calm and composed.
  • We need to avoid being arrogant, need to be polite to everyone, need to greet people and do enquire about their wellbeing.
  • A simple smile goes a long way in managing conflicts and strengthening interpersonal relationships at workplace.
  • It is always better to sort out differences amicably rather than fighting and spoiling relationships.
  • We must voice our concerns in an open platform and try to reach to a conclusion mutually acceptable to all.
  • We should not always see our own personal interests.
  • We have to learn to control our emotions.
  • Communicating effectively reduces the chances of errors and eventually manages conflicts amongst employees at the workplace.

What Is Important For Developing Interpersonal Relationship?

  • Effective communication is important for individuals to stay in touch on a regular basis.
  • Mutual Trust
  • Caring & Sharing
  • Loyalty
  • Understanding
  • Respect for each other

A relationship does not survive if any of the above is missing.


  • Every relationship needs time to grow. One needs time to come really close to someone and trust him/her. Miracles do not happen in a single day. One needs to be patient enough to understand the other person for the relationship to grow and reach to the next level.

Writer: AGM, HR, Admin, Compliance & OD, Croydon Kowloon Designs Ltd., Bitopi Group

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