RMG TIMES: A continuous effort to create positive impact towards the RMG industry

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বুধবার, ফেব্রুয়ারি ২৮, ২০১৮
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Abdul Alim: About 5 years ago, I was having a frustrating week because of the deadliest tragedy of Rana Plaza just a year after the Tazreen fashion fire. It was a big crisis of humanity when lives stuck under the concrete. We were surprised to see some journalists were taking interview of individuals who were struggling to survive under the concrete pillar. I was getting some calls from different media to give my statement on this devastating incident as a social and health safety auditor. It was definitely a very significant crime to make the workers bound to go in even after found the symptom of huge risk. But the way of the question I am being asked from the journalists during an interview was completely negative towards Bangladesh and Bangladeshi RMG sector that made me interested to start work with an exceptional news media for RMG sector of Bangladesh whose main strength will not be the negative news only.

It is 2 years ago when I have taken a final decision to go for an online news portal related to RMG sector. My heartiest gratitude to Mr. Fazlul Haque, the staff reporter of The RMG TIMES who worked very hard to make my journey successful with RMG TIMES. We, the RMG TIMES never count the success in terms of money. Our parameter of success is the love and respect from the viewers. We do not believe in quantity but quality. We never run for more viewers rather creating awareness and impact on the industry. We want to be an exceptional example of media who can create impact on the industry with positivity.

I would like to thank the regular visitors of our site who are the most integral part of the RMG TIMES as you are continuously encouraging us to continue our work through your respect and love. We became delighted when we know www.rmgtimes.com is set as your favourite url. We feel proud when you keep confidence on the reliability of the information when you know it is published on the RMG TIMES.

I am thankful to our respected professionals who provided voluntary services to run our low budget capacity building project throughout the year of 2017. We have trained around 1000 professionals in different time demanded subjects at very low cost under a special capacity building project initiated by the RMG TIMES. We are grateful to the participants who attended at these sessions and make the scheme successful.    

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to the donors of our programs in response to creating social impacts and during the natural crisis. We have some regular welfare activities like “A touch of warmth”, “RMG TIMES EID ER HASI”, help to flood-affected people. We have gifted new clothes and traditional festival food ingredients to 1000 disadvantaged street children could not feel specialty. As a part of our social impact program we tried to be with the poor people northern part of the country to reduce the sufferings from the winter when we have distributed around 700 blankets. These activities would not be possible without the support from the donors who helped us financially to boost the initiative.

I would like to thank the factories those who have attended at our “RMG TIMES BEST PRACTICE AWARD” competition to focus the positive RMG sector and Bangladesh in front of the world where media is full negative news of RMG sector. 

I would like to thank all the corporate who are continuously patronizing us all the way to keep this effort alive. We are extremely happy with our reporters, sources and staff of the RMG TIMES who made us popular within a short span of time with their extraordinary effort. 

We are grateful to professionals of RMG sector and the visitors who always try to communicate their opinions and ideas to create the positive image of the RMG TIMES day by day.

Finally, I would like to let all of you know that we are going publish monthly on a regular basis from March, 2018 and to be distributed free of cost for our readers. Wish all of your support as usual to move forward with success.