Week-long social development campaign of Chaity Group

RMG Times
বৃহস্পতিবার, মে ১৭, ২০১৮
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Staff Correspondent: From the Bangladesh’ point of view, the locations in which garments factories have been built become mostly drossy due to some unexpected habits we rare. Moreover, it becomes the worst during rainy season. The roads remain invisible because of ankle equalized, even more in some areas, water. Chaity Group garments- Division 1, well known in Bangladesh, has taken an exceptional week-long social development initiative to upgrade the drainage and sewerage system from Chalabon, nearing Chaity Garments, to Graveyard today. It will be continuing for a week.

The campaign started marching with the cleaning of roads, drains and filling up the holes that existed on the road. There will be no traffic in this road and 25,000 workers will be benefited if this program is once done successfully.

The campaign, participated by the company’s workers, employees and officers, is being managed by Mr. Shah Alam, General Manager- Production and Mr. Alamgir Kabir, AGM-HR, Admin & Compliance.

Both Mr. Alam and Mr. Kabir thanked to all for coming forward responding their call. They also said that Chaity Group has been doing these welfare activities as a part of its social accountability providing voluntary services for the social development at large. They also expressed their commitment to continue it in future.

The overall campaign is being supervised by, Mr. Shafikul Islam, Ms. Beli and Mr. Shohel Rana.