Textile garment workers demand food ration

RMG Times
সোমবার, জুন ২৪, ২০২৪
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The Bangladesh Textile Garments Workers Federation on Saturday (22 June) announced protests across the country for 25-30 June, demanding food ration for them.

Mahbubur Rahman Ismail, central president of the textile garment workers’ association, at a press conference in Dhaka said ration of daily essentials is crucial to alleviate their financial burden.

Peer countries have such measures for their workers, but this is notably absent in Bangladesh, he said.

Ismail said allocating just 10% of the proposed total budget could ensure food security for six crore workers through a low-cost ration system.

He also criticised the government for prioritising non-productive sectors over the productive garment industry, a major contributor to the economy.

Ismail called on all labour organisations to unite with democratic and political forces to advocate for workers’ rights, including housing, rationing, healthcare, medical treatment, and children’s education in the budget.

Association leaders warned the government that workers will intensify protests if their demands are ignored.

Courtesy: TBS