AMC Knit Composite Ltd. Teams Up with The Cotton Group to Provide Free Grocery Baskets for 3750 Workers

RMG Times
মঙ্গলবার, ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০, ২০২৪
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In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility (CSR), AMC Knit Composite Ltd., a subsidiary of SP Group, has collaborated with The Cotton Group to distribute complimentary grocery baskets to 3750 of its employees.

The joint CSR initiative, named “B&C Grocery Basket with AMC – Full of Thanks!,” ensured that each worker at SP Group received a much-needed grocery basket filled with essential items such as rice, lentils, oil, and flour. This thoughtful gesture underscores the shared commitment of both companies to support their workforce, especially during times of adversity.

The partnership between AMC Knit Composite Ltd. and The Cotton Group reflects their mutual dedication to caring for employees and the broader community. Through the provision of these vital groceries, they aim to alleviate some of the financial strains experienced by workers and their families.

During the distribution event, Mr. Shubal Chandra Saha, Managing Director of SP Group, and Ms. Murielle Degeest, Managing Director of The Cotton Group, personally supervised the distribution process, expressing gratitude to the workers for their unwavering dedication and hard work.

Mr. Saha from AMC Knit Composite Ltd. expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “It’s a tremendous opportunity for AMC to extend our appreciation to our workers. I am delighted to collaborate with B&C on this endeavor, and I hope this partnership will endure, allowing us to continue supporting our employees in the future.”

Echoing this sentiment, Murielle Degeest from The Cotton Group remarked, “We are thrilled to express our gratitude to the individuals who tirelessly contribute to our clothing production. Our commitment to supporting workers and their families remains steadfast, and this initiative has provided us with an excellent platform to engage with our employees.”

In addition to this collaborative effort, The Cotton Group has a longstanding tradition of partnering with suppliers to offer discounts on essential commodities through fair price shops, further demonstrating their dedication to employee welfare.

The collaboration between AMC Knit Composite Ltd. and The Cotton Group serves as a powerful example of the positive impact that corporate partnerships can have. By uniting their efforts, they have not only provided crucial support to their workers but also set a commendable precedent for other organizations to emulate.