ACT, IndustriAll call for minimum wage hike for Bangladesh RMG sector

RMG Times
রবিবার, সেপ্টেম্বর ১৭, ২০২৩
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Members of the Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT), a joint initiative between 19 international garment brands, in partnership with non-profit organisation IndustriALL Global Union, are urging for an increase in the minimum wage for ready-made garment (RMG) workers in Bangladesh.

As the National Minimum Wage Board prepared to determine a new minimum wage for RMG labourers in Bangladesh on 12 September, ACT members and the IndustriALL Global Union sent a letter emphasising the urgent need for a wage level that not only covers the basic necessities of workers and their families but also allows for discretionary income, all earned during legal working hours, reports Just Style magazine.

The coalition recognises that the long-term sustainability of the RMG industry depends on making substantial progress toward achieving living wages. In addition to the ACT members, IndustriALL also lends its support to ensure that wage gains and increases are regularly adjusted and not eroded by inflation and the rising cost of living.

Brands associated with ACT say they have made commitments to advance the adoption of living wages by practising responsible procurement and engagement with manufacturers and suppliers in Bangladesh in support of higher wages. These efforts are aimed at advocating for increased wages and fostering the necessary conditions for the establishment of an “industry-wide collective bargaining agreement.” IndustriALL is also poised to endorse such an agreement.