Systemiq proposes a sustainable study for packaging

RMG Times
বুধবার, জুলাই ১২, ২০২৩
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A study published by B corp Systemiq shows the route to achieving a high-circularity, low-emissions system for PET packaging and polyester textiles in Europe.

As given in the study, the European market for polyester and PET is going through a major change and the study proposes a circular economy blueprint for packaging and textiles.

The study is the second in a series and outlines six key activities expected to change the PET/Polyester framework.

The synthesis study evaluated the present condition of PET/polyester circularity in Europe and confirmed the availability of solutions for building a more circular system.

The study highlights many key strategies including, demand reduction, reuse, mechanical recycling, and chemical recycling.

The keynotes of the study narrow on easing back utilisation while also laying mechanical and synthetic reusing frameworks to ensure the accessibility to reused PET/polyester.

Courtesy: Apparel Resources