Fashion climate conference this October in Bangladesh

RMG Times
বৃহস্পতিবার, জুন ২২, ২০২৩
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Bangladesh, renowned for its thriving readymade garments and textile sector, is set to host the much-anticipated Fashion Climate Conference this October.

This groundbreaking event aims to address the environmental impact of the fashion industry and explore sustainable solutions. With the fashion industry being a major contributor to global pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, this conference marks a significant step towards promoting eco-conscious practices in the fashion world.

As one of the leading garment manufacturing countries, Bangladesh has witnessed the environmental challenges associated with the fashion industry firsthand. The country has taken remarkable strides in recent years to enhance its sustainability efforts, and hosting this conference further highlights its commitment to driving change.

The Fashion Climate Conference will bring together international fashion designers, industry experts, policymakers, and environmental advocates to discuss innovative ideas and strategies.

The goal is to foster collaboration and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the fashion supply chain.

Bangladesh’s choice as the host country holds symbolic significance even as by showcasing its own sustainability initiatives and sharing experiences, the nation can inspire other countries to embrace environmentally responsible practices within their fashion industries.

Courtesy: Apparel Resources