Routine Observing of “World Environmental Day” Is any outcome of?

RMG Times
বুধবার, জুন ৭, ২০২৩
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a) Till we are not able to categories which countries are mainly liable to drastically increasing the global warming. However in open senses, they are developed countries & which countries are involved in heavy industries. Therefore, Needless to mention here the countries by name.

b) Developed countries have already signed many kinds of international treaties like Kyoto protocol in addition they also created funds to utilize to mitigate the environmental risks. But the funds distribution method & implementation procedure not working properly as a result the outcome not mentionable.

c) In the other hand reality probes that this types of initiative has taken by the global leaders are not so effective of controlling the environmental challenges & reduce the risks. According to environmental experts, consultant & civil society critics the fund is not enough to take necessary
measures of controlling global warming.

d) As all we are aware that coastal & undeveloped countries are the main sufferer for the severe bad impact of the global warming which already life threating issues for millions of people around the globe. Recent days, negative impact of global warming seems unbearable moreover who knows in the near future what is waiting for the poor & developed countries forehead?

Akhlakur Rahman