Team Group Wins Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 1st Ever from Apparel Industry

RMG Times
সোমবার, মার্চ ৭, ২০২২
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Desk Report: Team Group won Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 being the 1st apparel and fashion entity in the history of award. The awards giving ceremony of the 4th edition of Bangladesh Innovation Award was held yesterday (on 6th March 2022) at a city hotel yesterday; where Private Industry and Investment Adviser to Prime Minister Salman F Rahman as the chief cuest, Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam and State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak as special guests handed over the awards among the winners.

There were a total of 14 major categories – Best Innovation Finance, Best Innovation Fashion & Apparel, Best Innovation Healthcare, Best Innovation Retail, Best Innovation Community Engagement, Best Innovation SDG Inclusion, Best Innovation Agricultural Sector, Best Process Innovation, Best Innovation Product Development, Best Start Up Innovation, Best Social Innovation, Best Innovation Education, Best Innovation Frontier Technology, Public Service Innovation; — and 12 sub-categories for the Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022 organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum.

The Bangladesh Innovation Award has been conceived to recognize the community of innovators – be it entrepreneurs, start-ups, or established organizations and their ground-breaking innovations.

Team Group for its innovative 4IR smart factory solution ‘Niddle’ won the award.

The software and IOT application ‘Niddle’ developed internally by the own IT team of Team Group has been implemented in the jackets factory of Group 4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd from July 2020 till today has significantly increased the efficiency of the factory and contributed to the welfare of its skilled workers.

Managing Director of Team Group Abdullah Hil Rakib said “Digitalization is now the key to take the apparel factories of Bangladesh forward. Niddle helps us to get the correct data from the machines to understand the skills matrix of the workers and thereby the managers having the correct data can go to the root cause of the problems to correct them, to make sure the team works properly, to motivate workers, and to have a proper ecosystem to achieve a better efficiency.”

“Compared to current market, this Niddle helped us to achieve at least 10-12 percent more efficiency’, he added.

Founder of Bangladesh Brand Forum Shariful Islam said: “The award aims to inculcate and inspire an innovative and creative mindset within local industries to take Bangladesh forward.”

‘The nominees in the Bangladesh Innovation Award were subject to strict evaluation process by peers and leaders from business, civic, and academic communities. Groundbreaking innovations that pioneer newer possibilities and scopes for market products, services and processes are selected the winners on their originality, market-impact, socio-economic influence, disruptive capabilities, and introduction of newer effects on the status quo,” he added.