Inspiration of May Day

RMG Times
সোমবার, মে ১, ২০১৭
  • শেয়ার করুন

Akhlakur Rahman: Physical labors are related to all kind of works and developments. From the ancient time and the begging of the industrialization in 17th centuries developments are basically dependent on labors. Agricultures, industries, militaries, shipping, transportation, and constructions above all everywhere labors contribution is unlimited and uncountable. Even though present world labors are basic need for all kind of works and developments. Excepting labors nothing is possible. Money, lands, technologies, ideas, natural resources are elements of industrialization and all other developments works but labor is one of the most element of all the elements herein pointed out yet. Herein my intention is to bring daylight of the main element of the developments and stability of the modern industrialization and spirituality of the May Day’s.

Almost 18/20 hours or sunlight mean morning to evening had to work by the workers earliest. Still in the 21st century many countries and different industries workers have to work more than 16 hours daily indeed weekend and national and international holidays. There are no any worker’s rights in America and Europe and so called civilized countries. 1984 sewing industries workers in America was started demonstration by demanding 8 hours working daily. In 1886 during an agitation in America by sewing workers law enforcing team fired on the workers and 6 were killed in the spot. Then news was spreading out America and Europe and international human rights communities, Trade unions, socialist party of America were raised their voices in favor of workers and after that many workers demonstration were held in Europe and America and other countries than it was declared and regulated for 8 hours working daily. The demand for 8 hours working movement was started beginning of 18th century than succeed in end of 19th century. From then 1St May has been observing as an international labors/workers day all over the world.  Even at May Day is the national holiday’s in many European countries. But the history of May Day is more tragic and it fairly impossible to describe herein short format.

1st May is the benchmark of international recognition for 8 hours working for the workers. It does not mean labors have been getting their working hours rights in all over the world and all labor related sectors. It’s a papers works and legal right been only adopted or shouted by many international organization and United Nation regulation been signed by all most all the members of the UN. It’s still mysterious for us as human being that slavery, force working, prison labors, bonded labors are practicing in the world even at in the first world. However, these countries are crying or demanding they are most civilized nation, but are they or we still civilized? Not only  Bangladesh but also many countries industries sector like Garments, Textiles, Spinning and relevant other industries, Medicines, Tea Gardens, Jute Mills, Shipbreaking industries, Tannery and leather factories, Footwear factories, Food industries, Hospitality industries, Hotel-restaurant sector and other small cottage industries and agricultural sectors are still beyond the inspirations or advantages  1st May. Causes all could not ensure the workers legal working hours.

Every year this spiritual day of 1st May is coming and going but there are no positive changes or initiatives are noticing for changing the workers benefits and life standards above all working hour’s right. As a civilized human being we have to think for the workers legal rights such as by reducing working hours as per legal limit, by ensuring public holidays and others leaves, by ensuring workers minimum benefits and relevant social securities those are defined by legal law it’s because workers are one of the main element of stability and sustainability of industrialization, modernization and of course civilization.  

Herein one of the most important matters needs to describe in this spiritual day of 1st May. Thousands and millions of Foreign, migrated and refuse workers are working in many kind of industries and household workers in America, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and other countries. Excluding these types of labors, mentioned countries are not able to run their industries and households work. But is any organization thinking for them or their work hours? However it is not fact that they are migrated or contracted or refuses type of workers they also need to enjoy their working hour’s right. We have to think of these types of workers working hours shall not cross or more than 8 hours daily. But its shame for us that still in the developed and undeveloped countries have been not respecting May Day’s inspiration of 8 hours of working daily as an individual and industries workers. We shall not yet able to practice the May Day’s inspiration for all kind of working sectors, does not matters workers are home and foreign countries.

Workers and many classes’ people will observe 1st May 2017. Trade unions, trade unions federations, labor’s leaders, social workers have to give attention to forecast blessing of the spirit of the May Day’s. For achieving any kind of legal right workers and influencing bodies have to tolerate for getting the proper solution. By the blessing of the May Day’s, we of course expect workers, trade unions, labor leaders and other social workers re-make their bondage to ensure comfort for the society.      

Writer: Environmentalist.