The First Ever SA 8000 Basic Course in Myanmar held

RMG Times
শুক্রবার, নভেম্বর ১৮, ২০১৬
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Myanmar Correspondent: Social Accountability International (SAI) did never conduct any SA 8000 training in Myanmar till the creation of the standard in 1997. For the first time in SA 8000 Basic auditor training conducted in Myanmar from 14-18 November 2016 at the conference hall of SGS Myanmar.

17 Delegates from the 11 nations and Lead Trainer in the same Frame. Photo : The RMG Times

There were 17 delegates from 11 Countries attended in the training where the Lead Trainer was Mr. Abdul Alim from Bangladesh

Delegates are studying in a group.

In the reply to a question from the reporter about the challenges of handling delegates from 11 Nationals and from different sectors Mr. Alim said “I have enjoyed the entire 5 days as every moment there was new learning from the different cultures and sectors. The accent of different part of the world is different which is something that I have already experienced from several courses in different part of the world”

delegates presentation on group excercise.

Mr. Alim added “I am excited to be the part of the history as the Lead Trainer of the first ever SA 8000 course in Myanmar. I will remember the delegates and SGS as a golden memory”