SA 8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Course started in Dhaka

Fazlul Haque
বৃহস্পতিবার, আগস্ট ৪, ২০১৬
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Fazlul Haque, Staff Correspondent : SA 8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Course has been started at the conference hall of Hotel HighGarden located at Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The course has been facilitated by the New York based International organization “Social Accountability International”.

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Mr. Abdul Alim is the Lead Trainer and Bangladesh Representative of SAI talks during the lunch break with The RMG Times representative on 3 August, 2016. He said, Social Accountability International (SAI) is the nonprofit organization working for the human rights at work. SAI established the international standard to ensure social accountability for the corporate as an international benchmark of social responsibility.

He added that from 2003 SAI is facilitating such Social Accountability Auditor Training which added a huge value to create local auditors instead the auditors used to come from abroad to conduct different Code of Conduct audits for the facilities. The course will be ended with an examination on 7 August, 2016

There are 17 delegates came from different corporate and NGO from different countries.

Mr. Abdul Alim added that the course being scheduled almost once in almost every 2 months and there is another phase of the auditor course which is advanced auditor course will be held in Dhaka next month. The schedule of the course is always available online.